NBST's genuine label is optimized to suit the product. 

Using labels can minimize defects that occur when printing special materials directly on the product itself, and various designs can be applied.

It is impossible to duplicate the same label by applying various security materials with high security.

First, QR authentication is induced, and second, special material authentication methods can be easily conveyed to customers.

In addition, you can promote your brand and increase repurchase rate by promoting new products and events.

The G-Check system through QR authentication blocks excessively authenticated suspicious pages at the source and can track the location of counterfeit stores in real time. 

With the function to display certified locations up to a distance of at least 50m, G-Check enables global sales analysis.

‘G-TAG’ has various functions, such as special nanomaterials that respond to light, materials that respond to temperature or external stimuli, or materials with special functions different from general holograms. 

and It can be easily and conveniently authenticated with a mobile phone. 

This is to compensate for the low consumer authentication rate when authenticity is verified by tools such as magnets or readers.

‘G-TAG’ is a security solution that allows anyone to easily and quickly identify genuine products and provides various information such as product details and location of counterfeit products using security technology optimized for counterfeiting prevention.

‘G-TAG’ is produced in two models, called G-BASIC and G-QR. 

'G-BASIC' is a genuine certification label applied with NBST's own special material, and it is possible to verify genuineness while the flash is turned on in mobile phone video mode. 

and 'G-QR' is a genuine certification label that special material and QR applied.

In other words, mobile authentication through QR code and offline authentication through mobile phone can be used to verify authenticity.

Label products can be applied to various industries such as cosmetics, health functional foods and medicines, fashion, liquor, IT devices, mechanical equipment, and documents security required.

There is no need to download a dedicated app specifically. 

G-Check, an online authentication system, has a high customer participation rate because it can be easily authenticated with QR readers from the large platforms such as Naver, Daum, WeChat, and Line, as well as general QR readers.

G-Check is an online genuine product certification solution. 

It is not only possible to easily check the authenticity with a QR reader on a large platform, but also simultaneous marketing such as company promotion, CRM (customer management), and promotion is possible to use G-Check. 

In addition, based on location data, it is able to monitor product distribution, analyze data in real time, such as purchase area, number of certifications, date and time, and conduct efficient and subdivided marketing activities through accumulated customer information

NBST has developed TOSS (Total One-Stop Solution), a total one-stop solution system to protect the brand of export companies. 

‘TOSS’ is a system that prevents counterfeiting in advance with security labels, promptly detects counterfeiting with regular investigations, and provides one-step support for administrative responses and compensation requests. 

In addition, we support employee training and publicity to prevent external cases and recurrence, so we are responsible for our customers' products to properly protect.

Unlike other security label companies, NBST has a one-step production line from label production to attachment and delivery, enabling prompt delivery with the highest quality and optimal price, and always paying attention to cleanliness and security for ZERO defect rates.

There is a recommended size for the product, but we mainly produce custom designs according to customer's needs. 

Design proposals are also provided free of charge, so if you let us know the information such as the type of applied product and desired attachment type, the design manager can suggest a customized design.

As anti-counterfeiting technology develops, counterfeiting technology is developing at a corresponding rate.